About Us

The VoIP technology has shrunken the world beyond expectations. There was a time when overseas communications used to eat up major part of an organisation's revenue. Hence, with the advent of VoIP, such corporate houses and businesses are all smiles!

We, at Vconnectworld make sure this smile never fades. We work towards a goal to provide unobjectionable VoIP home and business solutions to our customers based far and wide. The reason behind our steady growth and increase in the number of customers is our uninterrupted and easy to integrate services.

We provide impeccable VoIP call termination quality so that the customers reach a higher level of gratification with us. We have a reputation of maintaining our customers and steadily adding on to the number. Home users, ISPs, Web hosting providers, travellers, telecom consultants, and telephone system resellers, businesses of all sizes, Web portals, satellite providers, investors and entrepreneurs get a satisfying service from us.

Vconnectworld is a pioneering organisation running on the hybrid business model. It operates primarily from off-shore areas like India where getting access to skilled manpower at affordable rates is easy.