Callback Services

VoIP has soon made an entry into the lives of people around the globe not only because of its cost-effective nature but also because of its value added services. Businessmen and corporate executives who frequently travel sometimes feel crippled without their phone. Staying away from the country doesn't necessarily mean that they stay away from work.

However, making international calls can cost a fortune. At this juncture, the VoIP call back services come to their assistance. To avail the call back service, all you need is an access number which we as service providers will provide you. Every customer gets his own personalised access number. Just punch in the number to trigger our router to call you back. Once our router calls you back, it lets you place long distance calls at an astonishingly low cost.

Vconnectworld has the best technical executives and customer support personnel to assist you in any kind of technical or bill related queries.

The attributes which define the callback services of Vconnectworld are:
1. These services are easily integrated with VoIP communication protocols
2. They facilitate quality routing at the most affordable rates.
3. SMS, ANI and Web callback 4. Generation of PINs
5. Online billing services 6. customised billing module
7. personalised access numbers

Hence, the callback services provided by the Vconnectworld are the best respite of your tensions about your business. No matter how far you are from your work, you can still manage everything at the convenience of few keystrokes. For all the backend jobs our technical experts are always there for you.

Call us to get a clear view about our callback services. Our tele-executives will be more than happy to explain the functionality of the callback services in greater detail.

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