Managed Services

Making the customer feel at ease with the services is what makes any service provider the 'preferred' service provider. It is inevitable to have a team of technical assistants who have a knack of winning the customers' confidence by providing them pleasing and informative assistance.

Your services will all go in vein if your customer support is not up-to-the mark. We at Vconnectworld ensure best quality customer support through our Network operating centre which is entrusted the responsibility to handle all the queries related to our service.

We have host of up-to-the-minute features that make our managed services the finest viz.
1. Daily reports with a clear mention of technical problems and solutions provided.
2. Customised Ticket management system
3. Highly skilled, experienced and keen-to-help staff
4. Smooth and easy accessibility through Phone, IM, Online Live Chat
5. Detailed reports to handle the problems in an organised manner.

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