PC2Phone Services

Phone bills are the most 'horrifying' and the most unwelcome guests at any household. The monthly budget sometimes seems to collapse under the excruciating pressure of the communication expenses. International calling charges seem equivalent to that of visiting the country personally! Talking few minutes to a friend based abroad to know his whereabouts is enough to drive a heavy bill.

Vconnectworld understands your desperation to reach out to your loved ones however far they are. We are also well aware of the heavy amount you have to shell out for wishing to be in proximity with your loved ones through phone. VoIP technology has emerged as answers to our prayers as it has the remedy for high call cost ailment we all are suffering from.

VoIP facilitates PC to Phone calls that simply mean that the only inevitable requirement for enjoying a VoIP telephony is a sound Internet connection. Vconnectworld gives you premium quality PC to phone calls at a rate that is not just affordable but astonishingly low. The most remarkable feature of this service is that you can carry on endlessly with your long distance call without getting bothered about the bill.

Our customer billing support executives focus on giving you transparent and fair bill explanations so that nothing escapes from your eyes. After all it's your money and you have the right to know what exactly you are paying for! We understand the frustration when you feel your money is getting drained out for no apparent purpose. The billing schemes with Vconnectworld do not include any hidden charges. Even if you feel something is bothering you in the bill, you can dial up our customer care number, and our customer care executives will be more than happy to assist you.

So, use our PC to phone solutions thoroughly by placing long distance calls at a rate that pleases you and your pocket at the same time. We make sure that neither money nor distance comes between your emotions.

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